Todd Spurrier | oneFAPvoice

Todd Spurrier

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Todd Spurrier is a moto-minded FAPer who has spent the past four years logging over 60,000 miles across the US on the solo motorcycle riding adventure, Destination X Ride. His mission consists of photographing and gathering the stories of familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), colorectal cancer and desmoid tumor patients and survivors. And of course, tearing up thousands of miles of roads on a Ducati along the way. He has 42 years of living through FAP under his belt, which began when his father was diagnosed with FAP and colon cancer in 1974. Todd has a background in advertising art direction, graphic design and photography — this experience has afforded him the ability to create and manage all aspects of Destination X Ride. A one-man show of sorts. He is driven to be the vehicle in which patients and survivors can share their personal journeys. He also unleashes awareness to the masses across the land via personal connections at truck stops, scenic overlooks, rest areas, campgrounds, hospitals, race venues, store parking lots, etc. He believes everybody can get the word out in their own way — this is his way. For more information on Todd, check out the following links:

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