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Hi janej!

When you’re in the rare disease community, your voice can be far reaching and tremendously helpful. At FAPvoice, you can share your voice in rareCourage. It’s where members gather to ask for advice and offer support and guidance.

Whether you’re asking a question or answering one, sharing a piece of your FAP journey or your weekend plans, you’re supporting the FAP community by exchanging useful information and reassuring others that they’re not alone. Be sure to introduce yourself to new members or if you’re not sure where to begin, share how you escape the daily grind using the #favescape hashtag.

Not ready to join in the conversation just yet? You can still engage with what FAPers are saying through the magical rareRelated panel found by hovering over a post. It scours FAPvoice for resources ranging from previous rareCourage posts to scientific literature that relate to the original post.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say over in rareCourage!

the FAPvoice team

rareLife solutions 53 Water Street,
2nd floor, South Norwalk, CT 006854
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