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pack 3081 adopt a family

Jennifer Rosenberg is a 36 year old single mom. Her sister has provided the history of Jennifer’s medical conditions. My sister has had a history of Gardner’s syndrome FAP which cause polyps and cyst and has been going to the Dr for this since she was a teenager. She underwent a major operation to remove her colon in 2003 they replaced it with what is called a J pouch (basically a fake colon inside her body. In May 2014, she was diagnosed with Invasive Adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer. We were devastated!! He said it was small and that he would try and go in and take it out and reconnect her as per her wishes. She didn’t want him to remove everything. We asked about chemo and radiation or other test to see if there was any other cancer anywhere else and they said no. They said she was too small for chemo and it would destroy her pouch. And that there was no other test. She was also complaining of tailbone bone we asked if that could be cancer? They told us no! She had her surgery Oct 2014 to remove the cancer had an ileostomy for 3 months then had it reversed. We were told she was cancer free. And was ok! Feb 2015 rolls around and she is having problems with her tailbone again. After follow up scans the Dr. calls….THE REASON I CALLED YOU IN IS… you have cancer again. It’s on your tailbone. So a pet scan was done which showed the cancer in her abdomen and on tailbone and lymph nodes.