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round up fundraiser and silent auction

Trying to raise donations no matter how little or big.Mekaylas been struggling with a illness shw inherited by her mum.For the past 8 yrs Ive gone thru 4 cancers caused from my FAP(Gardners syndrome)as well as contracting AML that had nothing to do with my Gardners that just was purely bad luck.Now I have 5 abdominal wall tumor and go weekly chemo for at Moffitt to try to see if this will shrink them since these types of tumors never fully dissappear.Im praying everyday and night for some sort of a miricale tamd that this chemo that only helps around 60% will help me.I began it on May 18th and in that short time have had such poor red and white counts as well as other areas not looking so good so because of that Ive had to miss weeks, get blood tranfusions,even get admitted into the hospital to control infectiond as well as not just my chronic pain but the bone pain my medicine causes. At this time my oncoligist says its slow acting and since Im a mom ,a wife,daughter as well as a friend and any helpthat can help our family im completely grateful for since this is non cureableAmy Crawford as well as Amy johnson for helping and all the hard working extra hours she has put into this. so far from all i see she has a bright future in fundraising and or charity work.Takes people with a big heart to be able to do this.if all of you even were to donate up to $10 a person/facebook friend that wouwe may even be able to get m seems to one way or another to be a struggle for usld be so incredable and help my husband and I out for a lil bit with monthly utilities as well as dr bills office co pays medicine that my disability insurance doesnt cover and to be able to purchase a teenager sized bed for my youngest,things we take for granted for the most part.thank all of you im really looking forward to seeing many as well s as meeting many of you xo

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