Clinical Diagnosis and Therapy of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer (CRC), the most common malignancy in Europe, results as an interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Three risk categories are known: sporadic, familial, and hereditary.

Sporadic CRC originate from acquired somatic mutations over time, are associated with older age and account for approximately 70% of all CRC. Familial CRC are based on polymorphisms and low penetrance susceptibility loci combined with environmental factors and account for approximately 20–30% of all CRC. Hereditary CRC account for approximately 5% of all CRC and are characterized by inherited, highly penetrant mutations.

In this eBook we explain all interesting points of colorectal cancer. We focus on epidemiological facts, risk factors for the development of CRC, the therapy of colon and rectal cancer but also on the therapy of metastases. Additionally hereditary tumor syndromes are explained. In this book you will find all facts you should know about CRC.