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Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Treatment & Management

key information

source: Medscape

year: 2016

authors: Mohammad Wehbi, John M. Carethers, Vincent W. Yang, Kamil Obideen, Jae W. Nam, Sunil Dacha


Medical care is mainly based on endoscopic surveillance to detect the onset of polyposis. Consequently, surgery would prevent the development of colon cancer. However, in view of the increased risk for the development of other cancers, continued medical follow-up is required with a number of surveillance tests, as colectomy would only address the potential risk of colon cancer.
A number of drugs (eg, celecoxib, sulindac) have been used successfully to reduce the number and the size of polyps in patients with FAP. However, they are insufficient as a primary modality of therapy.

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