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New Brunswick Colon Cancer Screening Clinical Practice Guidelines

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source: New Nouveau Brunswick

year: 2013


The New Brunswick Cancer Network (NBCN) recognizes the importance of prevention and screening in reducing the burden of cancer for New Brunswickers. Historically, colon cancer screening in the province has been done in an opportunistic fashion, driven primarily by the relationship between patients and their primary care providers. Subsequent to the announcement in 2009 to establish a provincial Colon Cancer Screening Program (CCSP) for New Brunswick, NBCN has been working with a multi stakeholder Steering Committee to plan and develop the program. Through the work of the Steering Committee and the Clinical Practice Guideline Sub-Committee, we are pleased to provide the New Brunswick Colon Cancer Screening Clinical Practice Guidelines, our first step to implementing a Provincial Colon Cancer Screening Program. These Guidelines are intended to assist health care providers and New Brunswickers in optimizing colon cancer screening in New Brunswick. The full implementation of the Colon Cancer Screening Program is anticipated in 2014-2015. This Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) document has been developed using evidence-based recommendations and should be used as an adjunct to sound clinical decision making.

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