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Risk of Colorectal Cancer For Carriers of Mutations in MutYH, With and Without a Family History of Cancer

key information

source: Gastroenterology

year: 2014

authors: Win A K, Dowty J G, Cleary S P, Kim H, Buchanan D D, Young J P, Clendenning M, Rosty C, MacInnis R J, Giles G G, Boussioutas A, Macrae F A, Parry S, Goldblatt J, Baron J A, Burnett T, Le Marchand L, Newcomb P A, Haile R W, Hopper J L, Cotterchio M, Gallinger S, Lindor N M, Tucker K M, Winship I M, Jenkins M A


We studied 2332 individuals with monoallelic mutations in MUTYH among 9504 relatives of 264 colorectal cancer (CRC) cases with a MUTYH mutation. We estimated CRC risks through 70 years of age of 7.2% for male carriers of monoallelic mutations (95% confidence interval [CI], 4.6%-11.3%) and 5.6% for female carriers of monoallelic mutations (95% CI, 3.6%-8.8%), irrespective of family history. For monoallelic MUTYH mutation carriers with a first-degree relative with CRC diagnosed by 50 years of age who does not have the MUTYH mutation, risks of CRC were 12.5% for men (95% CI, 8.6%-17.7%) and 10% for women (95% CI, 6.7%-14.4%). Risks of CRC for carriers of monoallelic mutations in MUTYH with a first-degree relative with CRC are sufficiently high to warrant more intensive screening than for the general population

organization: The University of Melbourne, Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto, Cancer Care Ontario, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, University of Queensland, Cancer Council Victoria, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Auckland City Hospital, Middlemore Hospital, University of Western Australia, University of North Carolina, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Stanford University, Mayo Clinic, Prince of Wales Hospital

DOI: 10.1053/j.gastro.2014.01.022

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