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ivette moya’s story

Hi, my name is Ivette Moya. I live in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I was 30 years old in February 2012 when this unbearable pain started on my lower left abdomen. I dealt with it about 8 days until I could barely walk. My husband took me to the hospital I usually went to and was told that I had a small ruptured ovarian cyst and I was impacted. They sent me home with Vicodin that didn’t help, without flushing me, without a CT scan. They told me to see my GYN on my next visit.
In the following weeks, we met my surgeon, Dr. Henry Lujan, of Jackson South, who’s amazing. It was confirmed that I did have stage II cancer, I did have FAP (colon full of polyps…my stomach is also full of polyps) and my colon had to be removed in its entirety, including my rectum. Everything Mt. Sinai said was absolutely correct. I had a total colectomy with ileostomy on April 25, 2012. I had the reversal of the ileostomy on June 12, 2012! After the surgery I was cancer free and didn’t need any chemo at the time.

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