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At what age were you diagnosed with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP)?

With respect to Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), who are you?

If you could reduce the chance that you or your loved one would need surgery for your FAP (eg colectomy) by 50% would you do it?

How much time do you spend per week researching, discussing, participating in social media, etc., related to FAP?

My closest confidant throughout my FAP journey has been my:

Do you find it beneficial to find and connect with others like you?

Have you ever felt guilty about some aspect of having FAP?

Has FAP ever interfered with your work life or educational endeavors?

Has FAP ever interfered in your personal relationships?

Do you feel you are a stronger person having managed your FAP experience?

Do you think others outside of your immediate circle understand the challenges you face as a result of your FAP journey?

Have you had surgery to treat Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP)?

What is your favorite Fall activity?

Have you or a family member with FAP ever been bullied, teased or mistreated?

What diagnosis have you, your loved one, or your patient(s) received? (Select all that apply)

If a pill/tablet was available to retard the development of risky polyps, would you, your loved one or patient(s) with FAP be interested in taking it daily?

As the years go by, do you, your loved one or your patients with FAP struggle to follow regular FAP procedures (e.g. regular GI screening procedures such as periodic endoscopies/enteroscopies and sigmoidoscopies/proctoscopies)?

What sparked my interest in FAPvoice is my work with/for patients that have…

Please share with us your opinion on the most common patient perception of interventional surgery to remove larger adenomas:

How much do you worry about getting additional cancer in your rectum?

How much do you worry about the possibility of having additional major surgery?

How much do you worry about the possibility of having a permanent ostomy bag?

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